12 beards that are rocking MRDWC

The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup isn’t just about incredible skating, eagle eye officiating and slick merchandise; it’s also home to some fantastic facial hair, as we’ve captured below.

1&2 – RPG and Ya Mum, Wizards of Aus

RPG and Ya Mum

3 – Binkley, Team USA


4 – Captain Malice, announcer

Captain Malice

5 – Lil Joker, announcer


6 – Slam C Nesbitt, fan

Slam C Nesbitt

7 – Bibs, fan


8 – Tank, Team Canada


9 – Beast Jerky, fan

Beast Jerky

10 – Tea Virus, Power of Scotland

Tea Virus

11 – Darth Sebious, Team England

Darth Sebious

12 – Ol’ Nerdy Bastard, Sweden

Ol Nerdy Bastard

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18 comments on “12 beards that are rocking MRDWC
  1. Elton Michelle says:

    Ya Mum!

  2. Maul says:

    You need to get some officials love in there too with J.C. Danger and Righteous Oxide!

  3. Deathworm Jim says:

    You’re missing Righteous Oxide and J.C. Danger. Scottish referee and NSO respectively! They got some nice beards!

  4. Bruise Pain says:

    I miss BadgerBadgers beard it is the best of them all =)

  5. Kirahvi says:

    You missed out on Badger Badger’s awesome stripy beard!… although Ol’ Nerdy’s not bad either! 🙂

  6. RToBeatU says:

    How is BadgerBadger os Sweden not in here! He has the BEST beard of them all!

  7. scarlett says:


  8. The Mon says:

    Tank’s is awesome of course but what about Dr. T Sanchez’s?

  9. SaarMariaM says:

    Where the hell is Johnson from Team Belgium? xD

  10. donny o says:

    Check out “Short Fuse”…WFTDA ref from Louisiana…and “Stash Merkin”…derby announcer, also Louisiana. Crap, forgot about “Brwan Jeremy” (ref), and Matt Flash (derby photographer! All from the Bayou…all noteworthy facial hair!

  11. Carl Shepherd says:

    It’s not a Beard…. it’s Face Armour for Warriors! Go Power of Scotland!!!

  12. Paxilon Reaver says:

    Sounds like we need a top 20 of facial fungus.

  13. Tha falcon says:

    11. Team england papa is that you pappa this guy is eerily familiar and by that I mean he looks like an older version of me. :s

  14. Athena says:

    Another rocking beard: Townsend (aka Jurasskick Park) Team USA sporting a fully regrown beard after shaving it off for Movember!

  15. Turbonegra says:

    What about Sir Ar2r from Team Argentina?

  16. Modesty Blaze says:

    Pope John Maul III of Vermont Men’s Roller Derby, FTW! His beard has its own Facebook group; I kid you not.

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