2020 Staff

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For 2020, we have some amazing members of the derby community who’ve chosen to help make the event a success. Let’s meet a few of them!

Tournament Heads

Announcer: Cosmic Camel Clash

Credit https://www.vincentmicheletti.com

NSO: Sticks & Stoner

Credit herself

Referee: Kurz So Good

Credit MySportsFoto


We’re proud of the fact that our officials hail from 14 nations, this is truly a World Cup!


Tournament Head Referee: Kurz So Good
Apprentice THR: Denominator
Crew Head Referees: Macfarlane, Ninja Sass’em, Rollin’ RAT, and ZsaZsa Kapow
Referees: Amy Hellraiser, Artie FM, Bambilance, Big Whoop, Carmen Dragon, Coca Col’Ass, Der Konich, Dur a Queer, G’innes, Ginny Whistley, Harleyquinn Davidson, Jay Pegg, Kat A. Killzem, Knight of Ni, Mcninja, Merry Khaos, Peeka, Pete in the Pool, Roger, Rumble Bee, RUSS, Shuggs Bunny, Splatter, The Spanish Inquisition, Tinytanium, Valerito, Victoria Velociraptor, and Warkitten


Tournament Head NSO: Sticks & Stoner
Apprentice THNSO: Matante
Crew Head NSOs: Dodge Charge’er, Halo Jones, Hypno, and Julius Freezer
NSOs: Apex Predator, Babelfishy, BadWolf Archer, Coconutz Chanel, Devilspawn, Dinotello TR2, DisorderLee, Doc Skinner, Fantasmic, Fatal Exception, Floosie Lawless, Freezer, In Da Hood, India Pale Al, Joe Care, Krystal Vice, Lauren Smackall, Law Have Mercy, Linz & Needles, Loco Motive, Marahlin, Minerva McGonafall, Miss D Moan, Mistress Grim, Mz Hyde, No Bias Tobias, Peaupiette, Polo Kiwy, Purple Pain, Purple Parfait, Pushup Zebra, Sheik Herbouti, Skull Dragher, Sorry Not Sorry, Sparkles, Tetanic Splits, Thee Ginger Ninja, Veronica Scars, Veruc Assault, Wolvermine, and Yours TruLeigh


Head GTO: Cupid
GTOs: Pinky & the Brawn and Stagg / Thurston Gore


Crew Head: ANAIMAL
Stats: Attorney Jenneral, Count Stephanos, Crushendo, Mystr Fox, and Sho’Nuff

Tournament Board

Adam “Stat Man” Roush

Becks MacFarlane

Pascal Briand

Joe Naber