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Men's Roller Derby World Cup

Men’s Roller Derby World Cup

Bidding to host the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup 2018

To be held between February and June, 2018

The teams of the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup would like to solicit bids to host the 2018 tournament. It will be held between March and June, 2018, and could be in your venue! Each bid needs to be submitted by a league or group of leagues that field a men’s team, or by a national team or national governing body.

The primary focus of the bid, of course, is the tournament venue itself. The ideal venue would feature 4 tracks (3 for the competition and the 4th as a warmup track), but could have as few as 2. It should have plenty of seating and space for merchandise stands, as well as ample rooms for the teams and officials to relax. Also, it should have sufficient internet connection to allow for a broadcast, and be well connected to transport in the host city.

The host city and host league are also important. The city should have inexpensive hotel options, easily accessible from the venue, and should be well connected for international travellers. The host league should have a history of hosting successful tournaments and/or large-scale events.

We look forward to seeing your bid!

Bidding Dates

  1. Today – 1 Sept, 2016:
    1. Time for national teams to accept bids from prospective hosts, and issue their endorsements using the format of their choice.
  2. 1 Sept, 2016:
    1. Endorsements and bids due to Men’s World Cup 2016 selection committee.
    2. Bids will be submitted to the committee.
    3. Bidding leagues and nations are allowed to make their bids public.
  3. MRDA Champs, 2016:
    1. The host league(s), national team, and Men’s World Cup 2016 will simultaneously announce selection publicly.
  4. Preparations begin!
    1. Tournament to be held between March and June 2018
Men's World Cup July 22, 2016-85

Photo credit: Gregg Ingram

Host Responsibilities

As the host organisation, you will have a few responsibilities to making the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup 2018 come to fruition. You will be responsible for negotiating the price for the venue and ensuring that all necessary items (seats, tables, etc.) are in it for the tournament, as well as preparing dressing rooms, offices, team rooms, etc. As well, it will be up to you to select an official hotel or hotels and secure a good deal.

You will be responsible for helping publicise the tournament, as you will be the local face of the MRDWC! You will have the local media contacts to ensure that it will be a talking point in the area. Additionally, you will be responsible for providing staff for non-competition positions, such as ushers, security, medical, etc.

Finally, the two biggest responsibilities are production coordination and the budget. You will be given the schedule of games, and be responsible for coordinating the movement of staff and competitors to keep it on time. This usually involves writing a detailed minute-by-minute schedule. Production coordination will include the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the afterparty. The MRDWC board will provide guidance, but most of this is up to you. The budget will be yours, including fundraising and paying suppliers.

The MRDWC board will be quite active in helping you with all these responsibilities, but you must be willing to take them on. The World Cup is hard work, but an incredibly rewarding experience!

Host Rewards

In return for this hard work, you will reap big rewards! You will have your organisation displayed on all publicity material, and be able to call yourselves the hosts in perpetuity. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a large majority of the profits of the event, as they will return straight to your league.

Most importantly, your organisation will have the charge of having the eyes of the derby world focussed on you for 4 days. You will be the centre of our sport.

So what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to see your big ideas and bring the tournament to you!

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