Author: Jamie Potter

12 beards that are rocking MRDWC

The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup isn’t just about incredible skating, eagle eye officiating and slick merchandise; it’s also home to some fantastic facial hair, as we’ve captured below. 1&2 – RPG and Ya Mum, Wizards of Aus 3 –

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Introducing… Sweden Men’s Roller Derby

Shimmy shimmy ya with these hirsute heroes Skating is huge in Sweden – if it involves ice. They’re also pretty good at it. The men’s national ice hockey team is ranked number one in the world and their Olympic team

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Introducing… Team Australia

The Wizards of Aus prepare to bring some magic to Birmingham It may come as little surprise to hear it from a country with such a vibrant sporting culture, but men’s derby is going from strength to strength Down Under

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Introducing… Team Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun, a nation with a rich roller derby history Every major sports tournament has its big guns who the audience savour and who those playing can’t wait to test their mettle against. Many tournaments also

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Introducing… Team Canada

These axe-wielding Canadians know how to fell a jammer or two Men’s roller derby may have started in the USA but their Canadian cousins soon followed in pulling on a pair of quad skates and set of pads. Team Canada

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Introducing… Team Wales

Team Wales

These Welsh skaters are no strangers to hard hitting, full contact sport Wales: the land of valleys, castles and singing. And rugby. Men in short shorts running hell for leather at each other across muddy pitches in the depths of

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Introducing… Team Netherlands

Rollin' Reckless, in orange. Photo by Jurgen Rijsdijk.

For our first team profile we check in with the boys in orange Men’s roller derby is barely in its infancy in the Netherlands but, for those driving forward the fledgling community, the chance to appear on the world stage

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Beat the Blogger

Greetings from Beat Monkey, one of the official bloggers for the 2014 Men’s Roller Derby World Cup. So, a little about me: I am currently the captain of The Inhuman League and head referee at the Hulls Angels Roller Dames.

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