Choir of Scotland

A secret document revealing the chants to be sung by Power of Scotland fans has fallen into the hands of our blogger.

The nondescript sheet of A4 paper lists the words to the national anthem, Flower of Scotland, plus all the songs that will rally the skaters on track when they play Team USA in their quarter final at 4pm GMT.

Highlights include:

“You take the high block an I’ll take the low block and ah’ll be in the bin afore yeeee!”

“I know a jammer, a bonny heelan jammer, I whipped him out ra pack a scoring three. I took our their blocker, flyin inta locker, now we aw huv tae tak a knee!”

“Deep fry yer [insert national food, Japan sushi, Belgium waffles, Canada maple syrup!?], oh we’ll deep fry yer […]”

“Oh ye cannae fling hits oot 20 frae the pack, seven refs will testify tae that”

“Kilts up, balls out, that’s the way our boys will bout!”

The crib sheet also includes instructions on how to split the fans across the track, with one group raising a loud “Woooooooooo, POW-” to be finished with a “WER!” from the opposite side of the track.

The document is signed off with a call to arms which says: “Let’s get behind our boys and let the world know Scotland are here!!”

Do you have any songs up your sleeves for your team? Comment below. 


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3 comments on “Choir of Scotland
  1. bounce says:

    Naw but I’ve goat hunners up ma kilt …….

  2. Rob C says:

    This is reserved for those lousy calls by track officials. From Brooklyn, NY for our Shock Exchange team:

    “Munch, Munch, Munch
    The ref is out to lunch
    EAT IT, ref.”

  3. Shona says:

    Well, lets see the video then…

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