Compete in 2020?

Is there a team you could skate for??

If you meet one or more of the following rules, you can represent your nation!

  1. Be born in that nation,
  2. Have at least one parent or grandparent of that nationality,
  3. Have acquired that nationality by marriage or naturalization, or
  4. Have resided in that nation for at least 5 years prior to the tournament.

Additionally, you must:

  1. Meet all minimum skills requirements as set by the WFTDA and recognized by the MRDA,
  2. Be at least 18 years old as of the first day of competition, and
  3. Not be simultaneously listed on a WFTDA or women’s world cup charter roster at any time during the period from roster submission date through the end of the competition.

Meet all the rules? Get in touch with your team, via email or on facebook, and ask them about tryouts. Who knows, you might be the next MRDWC Most Valuable Player!

Are you ready to start a team??

Is your nation not currently represented? Fix that!

The MRDWC welcomes teams that meet the following rules:

    1. The team must represent a
      1. Nation state, as recognised by the United Nations
      2. Sporting nation, recognised in one or more international sporting competitions including the Roller Derby Nations Committee
      3. Temporary union of nations qualifying under A and B, but where the constituent nations do not have critical mass to field their own representative teams
        To be offered membership, the union must be constituted with the expectation of dissolution once constituent nations which could qualify under A or B reach sufficient skater numbers to compete individually.
        This dissolution need not be immediate or total. Individual members should leave the union as they become able
      4. Minority ethnic groups lacking political statehood, not recognised as nation states by the United Nations, but with a clear, self-defined ‘national conscious’.
    2. To join, the team must agree to abide by the mission statement of the MRDWC, agree to select skaters according to the MRDA / MRDWC non-discrimination policy, and maintain the principle of “for the skaters, by the skaters” and the democratic principles of roller derby at the heart of that team’s activity.
    3. Finally, teams should join with the stated aim of competing in future world cups. No minimum skater number will be in place, but teams found not to be putting forth genuine effort in preparing for competition may be removed from membership.

Ready to take the plunge? Have a few skaters, including at least two willing to take responsibility for the project?

Click here to apply!