Day One – Green Group Summary

The Green Group was won easily by the hosts, England, with a 100% record, while Argentina were the surprise package, taking the second quarter final spot.

The opening game of the first ever Men’s Roller Derby World Cup saw the hosts England play eight-man Argentina, the team with the smallest squad at this year’s tournament. The English blockers proved exceptional in drawing cutting penalties on the Argentinian jammers, but the South Americans showed great guts to keep fighting through the English defence. Final score England 158, Argentina 51.

The second game in the group featured European rivals, Sweden and the Netherlands, in one of the closest games of the morning. Some loose, spacious packs should have made for a high score but both sides compensated with some hard hitting individual play to make life hard for the jammers. While the Netherlands led throughout Sweden began a comeback that threatened the Dutch lead, but the men in orange clung on to win 101-72.

The Argentinians then gave Sweden a run for their money in their second game of the day, as the fast Argentinian jammers ran the Swedish blockers ragged, with the South American side running out winners by 176-59 points. For a team with only eight players, the Argentinians were beginning to raise a few eyebrows across Futsal.

England followed up their victory against Argentina with a much more dominant performance against the Netherlands, barely giving the Dutch side chance to breath on track. 345-22

England then rounded out the group stage by shutting out Sweden 363-0 with another impressive defensive performance. The Swedes changed up their jammer rotation and introduced Badger Badger to the star cover for the first time. Their blockers meanwhile tried an offensive game to help their jammers out, but were unable to trouble the English blockers who were canny to their tactics.

The final game of the Green Group and of the entire day was a nailbiting fixture between the Dutch and Argentina, with both sides bidding for a place in the quarter finals. The small squad seemed to be working for Argentina, whose blockers were gelling together and working extremely well to keep the Dutch jammers at bay. Meanwhile the Argentinan jammers showed great tactical discipline and awareness to call the jam off at exactly the right time to squeeze out their counterparts and steadily forge a lead. The Argentinians stuck to this gameplan to win 105-35.

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