Day One – Red Group Summary

The only group with three teams, owing to the unfortunate withdrawal of New Zealand before the tournament began, was predictably won by Team USA, followed by Team Wales.

USA started their campaign with a 314-0 shutout of Team Finland on the Quad Skates Store track. Even though the Americans also had a vociferous crowd to contend with – the Brits love to back an underdog – their experience was just too much for the Finnish skaters who didn’t steal lead jammer status until the Americans hit 165 points.

It was the Welsh who drew first blood on Team USA when they met in mid-afternoon, though they had to wait until twenty minutes into the game to score those famous first points. The Welsh struggled initially with their jammers in and out of the penalty box over consecutive jams, giving the Americans plenty of power jams to rack up a large, early lead.

As the Welsh jammers settled into the game and their blockers adapted to the US offence though, lead jammer status began to fall more frequently on the side of the Welsh and, with a huge roar, Roll Call made the breakthrough to score the first points against the Americans. The game finished 217-13 to the USA.

The final game in the Red Group saw both Wales and Finland looking for a win and a spot in the quarter finals. Initially it was a close game with both sides exhibiting strong defensive walls which, on more than one occasion, split the pack.

The Welsh blockers’ recycling really excelled though and they proved adept at forcing cutting penalties on the Finnish jammers on the outsides of the corners. The Welsh jammers, including the likes of Iuean Meredith and The Mechanic, fully capitalised to build an insurmountable lead, eventually winning 107-35.

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