Host 2022?

Want to host the 2022 Men’s Roller Derby World Cup?

What do you get out of it?

Well, for one thing, the best skaters in the world come to your town!

Bragging rights for being the hosts of an event people flew across the world to attend!

The lion’s share of the profits!

A chance to see your league’s logo & merch around the globe!

New friends from, and a chance to schedule games with, leagues you might never have met otherwise!

How do you get involved?

Forms and dates coming soon, so start looking into how you could be a part of it!

Wouldn’t it be great for your league to put on the biggest party on wheels?

Here’s what we need to see in a bid

  1. Every bid must be submitted with one of the following listed as a host:
    1. A league which supports at least one regularly competing men’s team
    2. A coalition of leagues, at least one of which supports at least one regularly competing men’s team
    3. A men’s national team
  2. Every bid must be endorsed by a men’s national team, which was a participant in the MRDWC 2018.
  3. Every bid must contain the following information:
    1. Venue
      1. Diagram of tracks, as #4a and #5a below
      2. Point-by-point analysis of #4 and #5 below
      3. Cost of hire (cost to rent the venue)
    2. Air, Sea, Rail, etc. connections to the host city from abroad
    3. Public transit within the city
      1. Special mention of public transit to the venue
    4. Hotel accommodations in the area of the venue
    5. Proposed budget, in detail, planning for
      1. 2 days of setup
      2. 4-5 days of play (4 if 3 tracks, 5 if 2 tracks)
      3. 1 day of teardown
    6. Preferred online streaming partners, if applicable
      1. Include costs and options
    7. Population of referees, NSOs, and skaters in the area
      1. 50 mi, 200 mi
    8. Proposed dates within the set timeframe of the second or third week of July 2020
      1. Weather info for those dates
      2. Possible local conflicts, incl. non-derby (rodeos, rock festivals, other sports, etc.)
  4. Every venue must feature
    1. Space for at least two tracks, each including
      1. Space for a broadcast announcer’s booth
      2. Space for house announcers
      3. Space for broadcast cameras
      4. Space for medics
      5. Two competitor dressing rooms
    2. A referee/NSO dressing room/office
    3. Sufficient parking and public transit access
    4. Internet connectivity, at least 100 Mbps
    5. Space for vendors
      1. One table per team, for 30 teams
      2. 16 tables and 3m x 3m spaces, for vendors
    6. Space for fan seating for at least
      1. 1,000 on Track 1
      2. 500 on other tracks
    7. A projector and screen, or large-screen display, on every track
    8. A team room
  5. Every venue should feature
    1. Space for three tracks
      1. One of which is out of the way for warm-ups
    2. Several large competitor dressing rooms
    3. A referee/NSO dressing room/lounge
    4. A Tournament Office, including
      1. Internet connectivity
      2. Easy access to the primary track
    5. A media office, including internet connectivity
    6. A snack bar/food court/restaurant
    7. Fan seating for at least
      1. 2,000 on Track 1
      2. 1,000 on other tracks
    8. Multiple projector and screen sets, or large-screen displays, on every track

Bidding timescales and form coming soon!