2014 How Did it Work?

1) The tournament started with a round-robin group stage. Teams were placed into one of four groups, originally of four teams each, and play half-hour bouts against the rest of their group. As one team dropped out, unfortunately one group is down to three teams, but their structure will stay the same.

2) Teams were then ranking within their groups by wins/losses, and points difference are used as a tiebreaker. The top two teams from each group went to the knockout rounds for the cup. The remaining teams went into the consolation knockout rounds for the bowl.

All of this was done by the end of the day on Friday.

3) The knockout bouts were all full-length. Pools were randomly drawn to face each other, and teams that lose in the quarterfinals of the cup knockout went to the plate semifinals. Teams that lose in the quarterfinals of the bowl went to the jug semifinals.

All quarterfinals and the jug and bowl semifinals took place on Saturday. Cup and plate semifinals were on Sunday morning.

4) The finals for all four trophies were full-length bouts, preceded by skate outs and anthems. Besides the four finals, the teams losing the cup semifinals played for 3rd place.

After all these bouts have been played, both round-robin and knockout, we knew the Men’s World Cup champion. As well, we had three more finals, the jugbowl, and plate, in increasing order of prestige.

3 comments on “2014 How Did it Work?
  1. Lesley Page says:

    Awesome game by Australia! None Shall Pass!

  2. Sam Skipsey says:

    So, just to be clear: teams losing in the plate semifinal are unranked, even though they will have finished in the top 2 places of their group (and therefore would have been likely to have been higher ranked than any of the teams in the bowl/jug parts of the knockout rounds)?

    • Statman says:

      Dr. S, everyone will be ranked. However, the teams losing in the plate final are co-ranked 7th, as there was no bout differentiating them.

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