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I was never sporty at school. In fact, my mum and I had a deal going where she and I would invent an “illness” each week to get me out of PE. So imagine my surprise at finding myself totally and utterly in love with Roller Derby – one of the most relentless and physically demanding sports around.


I’ve been writing about adventures since I can remember. In fact one of my stories is still in the library at my middle school. The only difference now, apart from being a Media Studies lecturer, is that I get to have those adventures every time I roll out on the track as a Milton Keynes Concrete Cow. I’m a classic Derby cliché, a Whip It watching convert and ever since my slack-jawed initial introduction I’ve been playing for two years and have recently been voted as the Captain of the newly formed B Team – The Udder Team. (Great name I know).


I had the privilege to catch the Men’s European Championships last year and I can still feel the electricity dancing on the back of my neck during that Final. The World Cup promises to deliver that and more. I and the rest of the official MRDWC Media team will be at each game doing our level best to capture every nail-biting hit, miss and twist so that you join the biggest adventure 2014 has to offer.


Our tracks this year are named after our two great sponsors Roller Derby City and Quad Skate Shop. If you want to get ahead of the game feel free to follow the individual Twitter feeds which we’ll use to keep you up to date on the action on each track as it happens – @MRDWCRDCTrack and @MRDWCQSSTrack .

We’ll also be posting our video content at: so give us a favourite over there.


Follow B.Trix Rotter at @Rotter_Findley


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