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Group Stage

Knockout Stage


Best 2nd place team?

To make this schedule work, we are required to rank teams that finished in the same places in each group against each other across all groups

That is, we need a top-to-bottom ranking of all six 2nd place teams, a top-to-bottom ranking of all six 3rd place teams, etc.

Each of these rankings to be done in this order:

  1. Points difference, neglecting the worst loss
  2. 2016 Final Ranking
    New teams assigned a ranking of 21
  3. Coin Flip
    Only necessary should two new teams need to be split in rankings

Why points difference neglecting the worst loss? Prevents being drawn against a very good seeded team from ruining chances at a good ranking for the knockout stages

Although this is a somewhat complicated calculation, these rankings will be calculated publicly on the website, and on display somewhere convenient in the venue, from the end of the last game on Thursday