2016 Sponsors

Special thanks to

Alberta Sport Connection









Click on any logo to visit their shop!

Official Skate Shop

NERD Roller Skates

Official Mouthguard

SISU Brand Elements-06

Official Stopper: Monster

Official Boot: Mojo

Both made by


Official Armband

spank alley wording & website



Power of GreyskullTurn_Left_Logo

Bruised_wht-bkgd-gry-purp_CMYKDoubleThreatWikko Skates!TDS new logo best res

Blue Star EngineeringRollLine

RollerfightersRDA-logo-squareBont logoGRNMNSTR-logo885037_500117050025763_513151746_o10169450_10152774917214129_2040494861068680488_n


3 comments on “2016 Sponsors
  1. Hugues says:

    Hi The link of “The power of grey skull” doesn’t work

  2. guillermo says:

    hi, whats the name of the logo of the pineapple?

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