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Introducing… Team Wales

Team Wales

These Welsh skaters are no strangers to hard hitting, full contact sport Wales: the land of valleys, castles and singing. And rugby. Men in short shorts running hell for leather at each other across muddy pitches in the depths of

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Introducing… Team Netherlands

Rollin' Reckless, in orange. Photo by Jurgen Rijsdijk.

For our first team profile we check in with the boys in orange Men’s roller derby is barely in its infancy in the Netherlands but, for those driving forward the fledgling community, the chance to appear on the world stage

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Poster Unveiled

The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup is pleased to display the poster for the 2014 tournament.  Enjoy!

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Denmark withdraws

The number of European countries participating in the MRDWC drops down from eleven to ten as a lack of skaters forces Team Denmark to withdraw from the tournament. This brings the total number of participating countries down to sixteen.  In the

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Press Pass

The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup can issue Press Passes (“credentials”) at its sole discretion to individuals or organizations interested in covering the tournament.  Space at the tournament is limited, however, so only a certain number of press passes will

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After a grueling process of selection we’re really pleased to be able to present our announcer team for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup 2014 In the words of our head announcer Dan Gleibitz “Ahwww man, this is gonna be

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Spirit Videos

Not able to make it to the tournament (or just straight super keen), but want to show your support for a team? Make them a spirit video! Your video could be as simple as a spoken message to the team or

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Group Draw

The draw has been held, and the group stages are ready to be announced! Denmark, New Zealand, USA, Wales Belgium, Canada, Japan, Scotland Argentina, England, Netherlands, Sweden Australia, Finland, France, Ireland, Germany Top 2 from each group play off for

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