Fans raise over £1000 for Argentina

Argentina Money

Fans, volunteers and skaters at MRDWC have raised over £1000 ($1700) for Argentina after hearing that the team’s funds had run out during the tournament.

El Pibe, the jammer who has won a legion of new fans, even had to sell one of the shirts he’s been playing in to buy food yesterday.

As word got round a red cowboy hat was passed around the audience towards the end of their game against Australia with people throwing in coins and notes galore.

At the last count they’d raised over £1081.07 (plus €43.20 and $20.45) in cash.

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12 comments on “Fans raise over £1000 for Argentina
  1. Vickyy says:

    Thanks for supporting our guys!!

  2. Borderline says:

    this is amazing, thank you very much guys!

  3. jessica says:

    That really is spirit of derby. Thanks for supporting our team!

  4. Derbitch says:

    We are so glad to hear people cheering for Argentina’s team. <3
    That means a lot for every derby player here! Thanks

  5. Nata says:

    Thanks to all! <3

  6. Sol says:

    1000 GBP are 13000 ARS 🙂

  7. Sony #01 says:

    that’s amazing!
    Thanks a lot!!!


  8. Ls says:

    That was a very nice thing to do 🙂
    thank u for supporting team argentina!

  9. Spunge 8008 says:

    So proud of all my derby comrades/volunteers/spectators. You all are amazing for supporting them. Go El Pibe and the Argentinian RD team x

  10. Simon says:

    This shows you how great a sport we all are a part of. No other sport would rally together all walks of life and do such a generous thing for another team. Makes me very proud to be part of the Roller Derby Family.

  11. Mr white #2718 says:

    it’s really amazig what this guys achieved, we’re so proud of them!!!

  12. Obi-Jwan says:


    One of the main reasons why our Team was unable to be fully rostered, its because of the economical issues we have in our country (1 U$S = 10 Argentinian Pesos!!).
    Even with this situation, argentinian derby people is always really supportive & a big family!! ♥

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