“I made my debut at the World Cup”

Jimmy FelonJimmy Felon of Team Netherlands has skated on ice all of his life but only started playing roller derby in September 2013. Six months later, he played in his first ever bout and it was at the World Cup against Argentina.

“It was my first game, I’ve played two scrimmages, but this was my first time in a real game. I was a bit shaky, even with the opening ceremony when I was skating on a track with people cheering you on, it was incredible.

“[The game with Argentina] was awesome, those guys are giving it all, just eight guys but they’re tough opponents. The whole weekend has been great, so many good games, good teams and I really love the sportsmanship between everyone, it’s been an amazing weekend.

“Men’s derby is not that big yet in the Netherlands, I referee at a league with one of our coaches and she has seen me skate. There was possibly room on the roster and she asked if I wanted to join, with a chance that I would not play but I just decided even if I don’t play it will be a great weekend, When I heard I was on the squad I just trained harder and harder and made it on the roster for one game.

“When I was on the track I realised that last September I’d just started and now I’m at the World Cup playing Argentina! I’m still surprised myself.”

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    If your going to cherry pop this is the way to do it.

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