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Press Pass

In this document: MRDWC will be the abbreviated form of Men’s Roller Derby World Cup. MRDWC Committee will mean the MRDWC organizing committee. MRDWC 2016 Hosting Committee will mean the league run MRDWC 2016 committee in charge of hosting the MRDWC 2016. Host League will mean Chinook City Roller Derby League, (CCRD). MRDWC 2016 is the event hosted by CCRD from July 21, 2016 to July 24, 2016 at the Acadia Recreation Complex. The Media Coordinator is a special designate as determined by the MRDWC 2016 hosting committee and Host League and will be the primary point of contact for all MRDWC Media coverage.

MRDWC 2016 Hosting Committee can issue Press Passes (“credentials”) at its sole discretion to individuals or organizations interested in covering the tournament. Space at the tournament is limited however, so only a certain number of press passes will be issued.

Press passes will be issued to staff or freelance reporters and photographers covering the tournament on assignment for major newspapers, television organizations, or dedicated roller derby specialist media. Other outlets will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The press pass badge must be worn at all times, and is not transferable to any other individual.  Misuse may result in its revocation. You may not distribute, adapt, reuse, exhibit, display, or publish any account or description of the tournament except as detailed herein.  In addition, this agreement does not allow any trademark or copyright to be violated.

MRDWC 2016 photographs may be distributed no less than 1 minute after being taken.  Live text accounts, including play-by-play, are explicitly allowed, but audio or video accounts are not allowed except by special permission.  Score updates, and other statistical data, are permitted as long as they are clearly marked as “unofficial score” or “unofficial statistics.” The only “official scores” will be posted on the MRDWC 2016 official Facebook and Twitter accounts, CCRD Facebook and Twitter accounts or the MRDWC 2016 website. Reposting or quoting of the official scores will be allowed.

Photographs, recordings, and accounts of team warm ups are by team consent only, and press passes do not confer admission to “participant-only” areas of the tournament venue. Interviews will be allowed at any time, by team and skater consent arranged through the Media Coordinator only, but any requests from the official broadcaster for interviews take priority over those from press pass holders.

Archived video footage will be available for use, provided that it is listed as “courtesy Men’s Roller Derby World Cup” and features the official logo on the footage.

Photographs taken at the event are the property of the photographer shooting them however, the MRDWC Committee and MRDWC Hosting Committee would request that all photos are offered for the MRDWC Committee and the MRDWC 2016 hosting committee to use for paid or unpaid promotional material of the MRDWC, MRDWC 2016 and the Hosting League.  The Hosting League and MRDWC  Committee will ensure that a photo credit is given with all photographs used regardless of their use.

A press pass does not guarantee any position relative to the track.  Every effort will be made to provide those using laptops with a table featuring a good view of the track, but space will be limited.  The Media Coordinator or their designate will provide you with location assignments.  If, as a photographer, you are allowed to shoot from photographer’s boxes in the centre of the track, you will only be allowed to move into or out of them during halftime and official or team timeouts. Position on the track is always at the discretion of game officials and security, whose decisions are final.

You assume all risk and danger inherent to the sport of roller derby, and release the MRDWC Hosting Committee, the MRDWC Committee, the Host League and any of their volunteers, officials, or other agents from any liability from injury or property loss occurring before, during, or after the event.

In the event that your name or likeness is used in any photograph, broadcast, film, or other media taken in conjunction with the tournament, you agree to give the MRDWC Committee, MRDWC Hosting Committee, and Host League the license to use, and further sub-license use of, your name and likeness, royalty free, in perpetuity.

You jointly and severally indemnify, defend, and hold the MRDWC Committee, MRDWC Hosting Committee, and the Host League, their officers, directors, and representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of suit/arbitration) arising out of or in connection with any act or omission by you, including your breach of any term of this agreement, without limitation.

Applying for a press pass signifies your agreement to all the terms contained herein.

Applications will open soon, please watch this space for further details.

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3 comments on “Press Pass 2016
  1. john hesse says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to applying for a press pass.

    I am the England Team’s photographer for this mens world cup. For the last one in the UK I was a general photographer.

    Do you have a date when the applications will be released?


    John Hesse

  2. Hello,
    I have already sent a message to ask for a press pass from July 21, 2016 to July 24, 2016 so I was wondering if it was ok? I will write a story for the french magazine Causette (I have already dealt with the Merby in the last issue: I do not need to take any pictures.
    Thanks in advance for your answer and good luck for all the organization,
    Rozenn LE SAINT
    +33(0)6 81 52 78 40

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