SF: Canada 127 – 307 USA

Canada prove Team USA’s closest competition so far

Canada USA

The Americans never really looked under threat from their neighbours but Canada were far from easy opponents. Indeed, the Canadians beat Scotland’s points haul and also became the first team to break the century mark against the tournament favourites.

Scott Slamilton just rode off the Canadian blockers, using their momentum to his advantage to steal lead and score points.

Frank Not Sohotra also did his usual twinkle toed routine around the opposition, ably assisted by his Your Mom team mate, Sugar Boots, who was always ready to pounce with a punishing offensive play.

El Tannant and Tank proved formidable blockers for Canada, making Jonathan R and the rest of the American jammer rotation really work hard for their points.

Canada USA 2

Later in the game Jeff Tichbourne grew more problematic for Team USA on the blocking front as did Dr T. Sanchez, who also had a superb outing under the jammer panty racking up multiple scoring passes on a powerjam.

Bradass also saw scoring success in the Canadian powerjams while the boundless energy of Red was most effective when the American blocking line-up was depleted due to penalties.

The Canadian jammers struggled in particular with the lightning fast reactions of Quadzilla and Magnum, who recycled them back like it was second nature.

Canada had to wait until ten minutes into the second period before they could add to their points haul but, as against Scotland, the American walls eventually began to crack and the jammers could get through more frequently.

Team USA now face the hosts England in the final, while Canada play for third place against France in what should be a closely fought game.

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