Spirit Videos

Not able to make it to the tournament (or just straight super keen), but want to show your support for a team? Make them a spirit video!

Your video could be as simple as a spoken message to the team or as complex as a huge choreographed dance number. Let your imagination run wild, be ambitious but most importantly make sure that you really show your support and love for your team.

Videos should be –

  • no more than 30 seconds long
  • free from swears or any offensive content
  • as high definition as you can make them
  • made without any copyright material which you don’t own
  • in the language of your choice

All videos must be with us by 1 February 2014. We’ll post details later in 2013 about how to get them to us.

The best spirit videos could be posted on the official MRDWC Youtube channel, used on the broadcast and played for the teams during their warmup, so you’ll get to cheer directly to your team and show the world of derby fans just how dedicated you are!

Share the news, get your creative team together, and show us what you’ve got!

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