Top 6 Moments that made the MRDWC 2014

6: The Proposal

Who could forget seeing the captain of Argentina proposing at the halftime of the final. It had been planned for nearly the whole weekend, but only he and the camera crew knew. He didn’t even know that the cameras were on!

5: Australia over Wales by 1

Some games come down to the last jam, and we love them for it. How many have you seen come down to the last second? This one did! Watch the last 30 seconds of what may be the most exciting game in the history of men’s derby!

4: France and Argentina celebrations

With only 7 minutes left in the game, Argentina’s penalty trouble forced them to concede defeat with only 3 skaters remaining. The French captain made sure to hug the Argentine, and the French team started the cheers for their opponent. Sportsmanship in action!

3: Ireland-Finland

The consolation brackets produced some awesome matchups, with Ireland-Finland being one of the closest. In fact, these two have already scheduled a re-match as part of the Road to Calgary series!

2: Scotland’s 5 Points

A Scottish player was asked his goal before this game against USA. His answer, “to beat the lassies!” The women’s team had scored 1 against USA, so he wanted 2. How well did that work?

1: “A worthy champion and a heroic defeat”


Were you there? Do you have some moments that you think should be on here? Tell us!

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