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MRDA Championships River City Rumble

Men's Roller Derby World Cup

Men’s Roller Derby World Cup

River City Rumble and the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup are excited to announce the time and location for the 2016 World cup seeding draw. At the start of the championship game (6:50pm CT, GMT-5) of the Men’s Roller Derby Association’s Championships in St. Louis MO, U.S.A. there will be a live seeding for the 2016 Men’s world cup. The seeding as well as the Championships event in its entirety will be streamed Live on this weekend October 17,18, 2016

The Men’s Roller Derby World Cup will take place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 21-24 July, 2016. This world cup will represent 22 Nations, 6 Continents, 4 Days, and 2 Tracks. The largest event of its kind in Men’s Roller derby.

Tickets are on sale for both events now.


River City Rumble, the Men’s Roller Derby Association International Championships.

Men’s Roller Derby World Cup

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