Who’s watching where? Top ten cities

CameraThe 2014 Men’s Roller Derby World Cup has been a truly global event and that is reflected in the viewing figures on our live feeds.

Over three days tens of thousands of people have tuned in to watch the action from our Roller Derby City and Quad Skate Store tracks here in Birmingham.

The top ten cities for viewing figures are:

1) London, England
2) Buenos Aires, Argentina
3) Sydney, Australia
4) Paris, France
5) Helsinki, Finland
6) Melbourne, Australia
7) Brisbane, Australia
8) Manchester, England
9) Dublin, Ireland
10) Calgary, Canada

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4 comments on “Who’s watching where? Top ten cities
  1. SCULLY says:

    watching from newcastle upon tyne..england

  2. Nata says:

    Yay! Since day 1 we’re waking up too early too see our heroes!
    Argentina is proud of our guys!


  3. Mama Chewy says:

    Watched from Manchester, Washington…..Either late nights or early mornings. But well worth the lack of sleep. The combined love for derby was evident, and a pleasure to watch.

  4. Yago says:

    Argentina will be back!

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